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New & Featured Products

Technology, by its very nature, is constantly changing. When C Enterprises started making printer cables in 1984, LANs were in their infant stages and the Internet did not exist beyond science fiction. From those initial products to the most cutting-edge fiber optic cables of today, we have pushed forward, providing the latest, most advanced pre-terminated cable solutions currently being deployed. C Enterprises continues to be an industry leading Cable Assembly House and is committed to keeping you and your clients at the forefront of network interconnection technology.

28awg Skinny Patch Cords

C Enterprises now offers slimline “skinny” 28awg Cat6 patch cords for high density deployments in all colors and lengths.

MTP/MPO 24 Fiber Array

24-channel MTP/MPO trunks and harnesses for 100GbE applications.

Cat5e/Cat6 Under Carpet Cable

Flat Cat5e and Cat6 patch cords for under carpet and rugged applications.

Preloaded Innerduct

Terminated fiber patch cords or trunks pre-loaded in innerduct.

OSP Breakouts

Custom multi-fiber breakouts for outdoor applications.